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Click on a category of choice from the left section of the website. For a complete description and larger view of the image, click on your desired product.

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Select your size and quantity, then click ADD TO BAG. Shortly you will be redirected to checkout page, and you can choose to CONTINUE SHOPPING or PROCEED TO ORDER.

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Click on the SHOPPING BAG icon on the right top of the website to review your items.

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If you decide to finalise your order, click PROCEED TO ORDER 'Product availability is not guaranteed before you check out'

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You will be asked to provide a valid email address. If you are a registered shopper, please use your registered email address so that your order will be automatically recorded in your account.   For a first-time shopper, simply fill in your details to register.

Review Your Order  
Review the list of items that you have selected to purchase and click "Confirm" to complete the submit your order.

Finished Shopping  
An on-screen receipt will be generated, together with the ORDER ID. You will need the ORDER ID to confirm payment and to check your order status.
Make sure you write down your ORDER ID just in case you need to reference it later. In addition, a payment details will be sent to your email address.     

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